Clear Real Estate Services is providing Owner Representation and Development Management services for the Bethesda Chevy Chase Fire & Rescue Squad. BCCRS currently operates on 2.08 acres at Battery Lane in Bethesda, Maryland, currently zoned R-60. The current facility, built in 1976, consists of approximately 25,000 square feet of multi-use space.To that end, BCCRS realizes the potential value of the property for a complete mixed-use development incorporating a new BCCRS facility. The site’s size and configuration can accommodate a multi-family building and a new BCCRS. Clear is managing the zoning, design and the Development Management of the project. The Project includes Clear’s development of the concept and the plans for the Project and the subsequent oversight of a Development Partner for the execution of the project as well as the direct Project Management of the development of the New BCCRS facility.  Delivery is scheduled for 2019.


Bethesda, MD


290,000 SF



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