Founded in 1957, Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments(MWCOG) is an independent, nonprofit association, with a membership of 300 elected officials from 23 local governments, the Maryland and Virginia state legislatures, and U.S. Congress. MWCOG’S goal is to connect leaders across borders to help shape strong communities and form a better Washington region. Clear Real Estate was retained by MWCOG to serve as the Owner’s Representative and Project Manager to carry out the daily administration of the Project. The project is an in place phased renovation of 50,000 sf that will require multiple swings along with normal and off work hours.

This is a project that requires heavy coordination with the tenant and landlord. The project is currently in the schematic design and budgeting stage and we hope to have the project finished by the third or fourth quarter of 2018.


Washington, DC


55,000 SF

Attention to detail. Solutions Defined.

The Ideal Space Starts With A vision